How To Lose Weight

Let’s just say my first physical since high school twelve years ago was not as successful as I wanted it to be.  And the hernia check was still as awkward as I remembered.  Guys, you know what I am talking about…  I do not have allergies, I do not take medication, I do not smoke, I eat fairly healthy, yadi yada.  What I do not do is exercise enough or eat as healthy as I could.

The doctor told me they were calculating obesity by body mass index (BMI).  Quickly I learned where I stood on this calculated scale and that I needed to take action.  Being the tech-driven dork I am, I searched through the App Store to find something to help me stay accountable for my goals.  What I found was MyFitnessPal.  You may have a better solution, but I found this app to be extremely helpful.

I am on day two of my journey to lose 30 pounds. I do not set out to be an inspiration for anyone this is more of a personal goal. If you want inspiration, watch The Weight of the Nation on HBO.

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