Why You Need A New Website

I hear several myths about websites and how they are all the same. In my recent article, I reviewed how you can separate yourself from your competition by following basic steps. If you currently have a website, you should ask yourself these questions:

  1. Your website no longer reflects your business priorities.
  2. Your business goals aren’t being met.
  3. The look and feel is outdated.
  4. Your website isn’t compatible major browsers, including mobile.
  5. Your website takes too long to load.
  6. Your content is lackluster.
  7. You can’t update content yourself.
  8. Your website can’t be found!
  9. Your website isn’t socialized.
  10. Your website doesn’t generate quantifiable leads and/or sales.
  11. You are embarrassed to hand out your business card with your URL.

You should be able to track the ROI of your website and social media efforts.  If you are unable to do this by yourself or your current company is not helping you the way you should, give me a call or send me a message.


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