One NBA Finals Ticket Punched

With last nights Oklahoma City Thunder win over the San Antonio Spurs, the NBA Western Conference sent their team to the finals. There they wait ever so patiently for one of the “Big Three” teams of the east to meet their match. If you’re like me living in the Eastern Time Zone, waking up to see the recap on ESPN Sportscenter to see who won has become my ritual.

Who do you want to win? I can’t say that I am a huge fan of the Boston Celtics or Miami Heat excluding the ex-Kentucky Wildcat players. The young talent of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook get me going and then you have the featured image on this article of Durant and James Hardin which is classic!

Should the Spurs have lost a few games in the playoffs to get the fight back in them? I initially would answer “No”, but when you see what happened to them in this past series, that may have been the best thing that would have happened. I guess the Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Clippers were not much of the “team” OKC is.

No matter who is crowned NBA Champion this year, it will not be as exciting as watching the Dream Team TV Special.

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