Schedule Reading Your E-mail

Ping. You’ve Got Mail! Ring a Dingy. Those are just a few of the sounds that may interrupt you during your already busy day. E-mail is the one constant that can always distract you from the task you have at hand. My advice, schedule it into your work day like anything else.

If you keep your e-mail open on your computer or have your phone notifying you on every new message, latest Groupon, or Facebook update about BranchOut my guess is you will not get half of the items accomplished on your task list. Schedule a time in the morning and afternoon to read through your messages. This time will allow you to take care of the items being requested or assign them in today’s, tomorrow’s, or at the latest this week’s task list.

Take this scenario for instance. You are deep into working on a project on your task list. All of a sudden, e-mail dings that you have a message or you look over at the tab on your computer and notice the e-mail count has increased. You immediately stop what you were diligently working on to read it. The message “might” be urgent, but for the most part it is something that could have waited or is on your task list for later in the day. You’re distracted from the task at hand and now are putting only half of your attention toward it because you are back and forth with thoughts from the e-mail.

This goes for your task list as well. Each day, create a list of the five most important things to complete. Establish an amount of time to complete each task and order them in your importance of completion. Set aside time for reading your e-mail and distractions. Whatever you do, do not feel you have to attend to everything as soon as it appears in your lap. Unless it is an emergency of course…

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