How To Keep Your Project On Track With Basecamp

Project management is tough. Especially when you can have several projects coming in, more currently in production, and others that are in the final cycle of their launch process. Try Basecamp by 37 Signals.

Over the past few years we have utilized Basecamp to keep our projects in line and communicate with our clients. With this software, our clients are able to take a live look in at the project at any time to see Tasks, send Messages, upload Files, and much more.

Basecamp gives us the ability to put everything in one place so when we are looking for something, we do not have to search through e-mail, our client relationship management software Salesforce, or potentially paper trails. Very convenient in the fast-pace world of clutter we live in! If you have questions about going this route for your business or have a project we need to assist with, give me a call or send me a message.

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