Julius Randle Picks University of Kentucky

Julius Randle, the number three prospect in the class of 2013 has picked the University of Kentucky as the college he will attend. During an ESPNU special, Randle wanted to thank God, his family, school and all the other schools for giving him the opportunity to view their college campus.

His announcement could not come at a better time being that the Kentucky Wildcats Men’s Basketball team was upset by Robert Morris last night in the first round of the NIT tournament. As a true Kentucky fan, it was at times hard to watch this year’s team struggle, even before the loss of Nerlens Noel. But, through our struggles we are only made better as people and as professionals.

All I have to say is “LOOK OUT” next year because we will be out to make a huge statement! Undefeated, maybe, 2014 National Champions, I would say we are in Vegas’ favor… OHHHHH C, A, T, S, CATS, CATS, CATS!!!

SearchBar Marketing

It has been a while since I made a post on my personal site. For those who follow this feed, you may want to update to http://www.searchbarmarketing.com/feed/.

SearchBar Marketing is a Lexington, Kentucky website consulting, design, hosting and online marketing company. Our mission is to help non-profit organizations, small businesses, and large corporations by creating a comprehensive online presence. One way we help our clients is by establishing measures for them to track their Return On Investment (ROI).

To learn more about the services I can assist your company with, give me a call or send me a message.

2012 Drought Hitting Home

This time last year we were singing a different tune when it comes to weather.  All across the US companies are losing missions of dollars due to the 2012 drought that is wreaking havoc.  The waterway companies alone stretching the Mississippi and Ohio river will definitely not be able to capitalize near the $180 billion they are used to.

When you look at how this effects the consumer, corn prices are at an all time high near $9/bushel.  Think about that next time you are checking out at your local grocery market.  How are you budgeting for the increase in costs?

Yellowbook: To Read or Recycle

Today marked the annual drop-off of the Yellowbook issue and I must say, it looked a little lighter. The scaled down version from what it used to be seemed to almost be worth the read. Instead, it was tossed in the recycle bin to help with our nation’s over-poluted waste pile.

What do you think of the Yellowbook? I noticed several areas for advertisements and have seen a few websites this year that are still using this as an avenue to spread their business information. Are you receiving hits from this source? Are you able to track the information from the website or paperback?

When looking at the image posted, it is hilarious to me the company goes through the trouble to make sure their package pushes recycling. What do you think the percentage is of households receiving this publication actually use it? Inquiring minds want to know…

How To Keep Your Project On Track With Basecamp

Project management is tough. Especially when you can have several projects coming in, more currently in production, and others that are in the final cycle of their launch process. Try Basecamp by 37 Signals.

Over the past few years we have utilized Basecamp to keep our projects in line and communicate with our clients. With this software, our clients are able to take a live look in at the project at any time to see Tasks, send Messages, upload Files, and much more.

Basecamp gives us the ability to put everything in one place so when we are looking for something, we do not have to search through e-mail, our client relationship management software Salesforce, or potentially paper trails. Very convenient in the fast-pace world of clutter we live in! If you have questions about going this route for your business or have a project we need to assist with, give me a call or send me a message.