Mayday Mayday

Five days into May and we have already seen 74 year old records broken and a rebel eliminated at the hand of America’s finest.  The greatest thing about these events are that technology has evolved to make you feel like you are right there at any second.  From my computer over 200 miles away I was able to watch as KFVS 12 news live streamed the 130,000 acres of farmland being flooded by the breaching of a levee at Bird’s Point.  Twitter and Facebook were the first places I found out that Navy Seals had killed Osama Bin Laden after almost 10 years of hiding.

Where do you think the next wave of technology will be evolved to increase the speed of which breaking news is presented to the consumer?  Will there be chips automatically implanted in children similar to our pets to track location?  I watched a video this morning concerning the new age assistance of farming.  Takes the user directly into being a part of the whole process.  Now this does cost, but perhaps it would give the user a bit more satisfaction than playing Farmville.  Here is a direct look at what I am talking about.

Let me know what you think and I’ll provide you with a little more input. Oh yeah, started my exercise plan and I’ve got more of an eat/drink less thing going on right now…