Websites Shouldn’t Be Black And White

Websites shouldn’t be black and white. Now I am not referencing the color itself as you can see from this website the majority of the information you will see is black and white. What I am speaking of is an underlying additional piece that separates them from the competition and allows you to track your ROI. Google Analytics is just one of the elements that can help you separate yourself from the competition and assist your organization to track the ROI. Check out the following list, in no particular order, to make sure you are covered, and if not, give me a call:

Professional Design. If you are afraid to hand out your business card because you have an “out of date” website, you probably need a re-design.

Statistic Tracker. The preferred added element is Google Analytics. This small addition provides massive results in return to review how your return on investment (ROI) is stacking up.

Engage Your Audience. Be sure you not only keep your content relevant, but provide information that will keep them engaged and involved in your business.

Search Engine Optimization. What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is not something that comes with the flip of a switch. It is earned with hard work and by following the previous point.

Outside Traffic Sources. Find a blog you like, comment on a particular article and include your website URL. Nine times out of ten you will receive traffic from this source and can see the spikes in your Analytics.

Testimonials. Potential clients want to see the work you have completed, but they also want to see that the clients you have worked with have good things to say about your company and service.

Landing Pages. When you are working on a marketing campaign, be sure you are not directing the user to the home page of your website every time. Create landing pages with “Call-To-Action” elements such as forms, trackable 800 numbers, and campaign specific images.

Social Media. Pinterest is the latest social media craze for directing potential clients to your website. Include page URL’s on your “Pin” and even “Pin It” social media sharing tools on your website articles and pages.

E-mail. You may have a special place in your heart still for your AOL e-mail address, heck I still have my Hotmail account from seventh grade. But we’re all grown up now, so time to get a domain specific e-mail, and don’t worry, you can forward your old e-mail address to your new one.

Logo. Nothing says business branding like your company logo. I think Coca Cola is the only company that has been able to use simply hand drawn text to brand themselves. Use an image incorporated with your company name and a tagline.