It’s Diet Thirty

Nobody likes to, but everybody needs to in some form or another. Diets are probably the worst thing I have ever had to deal with after I started drinking beer. When I was in high school it was no problem for me to go through the lunch line with a couple of pizzas, a cheeseburger, and two orders of fries. If I ate like that now I would have to be rushed to the hospital. Now I’m not saying that I am a big person by any means, but the fact of the matter is I wouldn’t win the swimsuit competition.

It’s diet thirty, time to get the excess 15-20 pounds moved around somewhere other than my stomach and run a mile in under 7 minutes. If you think back, you can probably remember the diets you have had in the past, the figure you want to get back to you saw in a recent picture album you were thumbing through, so do it. I remember a diet I was on one time that I was eating so much chicken I could have sworn I was bwawkin, or however you spell the sound that a chicken makes. I ate so much broccoli, my pee changed color!

Diets are not about simply starving yourself to death, you can actually gain more weight by doing that. You have to eat the right amount of proteins, vegetables, fruits, and whatever you Google the “experts” say you should eat. You also have to add in a little bit of exercise, which leads me to my next point…