Who Needs Social Media?

Everyone, that’s who! But not everyone or company is a perfect fit for all social media accounts out there. There are over 200 social networking sources for the individual or business to sign up on.

For example, at WebMedley we review your business and your audience to determine which accounts would work best for you. If you are developing a brand, then we suggest our SocialClaim service for listing your organization on the top 250 sites. This is mainly to protect your brand and not have another business use your name for that account.

Yesterday I spoke with a client concerning our services and suggested Pinterest as a potential social media account to establish for their business. “I love Pinterest for my personal interests, but how would I use that in our business setting?” the client asked. I then proceeded to talk about how you could establish boards for their services with links to pages within their website and how Pinterest was now one of the top traffic generators for businesses.

To the majority in our industry, using Pinterest is an older topic to write a lil “buzz” about. But so is Facebook and soon another site such as Instagram will become the topic of conversation, potentially be bought up by Mark Zuckerberg, and we could have helped you utilize this social media website for your business six months ago. What I’m trying to say is, need help with which one’s to choose for your business, give me a call.