Go Big or Go Home

“In a world, filled with meh, one must do something totally out of the ordinary to get the user’s attention!” – (In my best movie voice-over voice.) I admit, last night during the announcement of Nerlens Noel to “take his talents to the University of…” (Nerlens spins in his chair and displays the image of the University of Kentucky logo shaved in the back of his head.) I hit the ceiling with excitement. Now that’s dramatic!

Then this morning, I was reading through my blogs and see this video from TNT. Now I’m not saying that everything you do must be on this level, but if you want to stand out in the crowd, you have to pull a few stunts.

Let The Countdown Begin

[ujicountdown id=”Kentucky Countdown” expire=”2012/03/31 18:09″ hide = “true”]

Over the course of the next four days, I would say most Kentuckians are having difficulty focusing on anything but the “Battle of the Bluegrass” that is to take place Saturday night in “Blue Orleans”. My Facebook news feed is filled with jabs from one side of fandom to the other and although I try to refrain from participating in the “dark-side” madness, it is hard to sit back and say nothing while dirty-birds chirp.

Do I think it will be a competition? Yes. Do I think the Kentucky Wildcats will come out victorious? ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY!!! It isn’t because my biasness of a ‘Blue and White’ fan since as far as I can remember, well, maybe a little bit, but the fact that we have the better team. Over the past twelve years of watching college basketball I haven’t seen a team as athletically pleasing or defense/offensive dominant. You could consider the back-back Florida Gators (2006,2007) or North Carolina Tar Heels (2005,2009) as potential to being this good, but they had squads filled with juniors and seniors. I do not go back farther than that because that takes us back into the 90’s and I was more focused on watching the NBA and Michael Jordan take over and the fact that Kentucky was dominating during that era with Ricky P at the reins.

If a matchup could take place, who would you like to see this CATS team take on? Personally, I would like to see what they could do to the ’96 CATS given a time machine…

March Madness Begins

Kentucky Basketball Never Stops!  If you are from Kentucky or a fan of Kentucky basketball you are very familiar with this slogan and how crazy our fan base can be.  Our fans stay on top of statistics for college basketball and in particular for our opponents better than the opposing teams fans.  Why might you ask, because we are NUTS!  We bleed blue and we live and die with every game.  I’m not sure about you, but I have been waiting for 14 years for a championship and to me it seems like eternity.

The University of Kentucky men’s basketball team heads into March with an almost unblemished record.  Finishing the season 30-1 and 16-0 in the SEC for the first time since 2003, they look to hang banner number eight.  Led by an experienced Darius Miller who is looking to add another notch in his belt by becoming one of the few college basketball players ever to become Mr. Basketball, win an SEC and NCAA championship.  But wait, there is also Terrence Jones who decided not to put his name in the NBA draft last year and Doron Lamb.  And that doesn’t even get us to our freshmen fenoms of Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.  I have heard quite a bit of skepticism for Marquis Teague, but he is turning into the “floor general” we need.  Then there’s Kyle Wiltjer or “Willie to the J” if you ask me.  He’s a modern day Larry Bird without the fighting.

We take a #1 see into the SEC tournament this coming weekend and should have a #1 seed in the NCAA tournament, more than likely the overall #1 seed, but who knows with the way the NCAA seeded us last year.  Stay tuned…

Kentucky Summer Begins

June 21 kicked off the first day of Summer and by that, the National Geographic has a nice article about the Summer Solstice and this day in history.  It’s only been 9 days since the beginning of Summer and I have to say I celebrated the longest day of the year in style.  Spent most of the day rocking at WebMedley under new management, played golf with Bypass Rental owner David Culton, and topped the night off with some Mexican food and hanging with my dogs.

June brought several events to the calendar.  Father’s day, my brother had his colon removed to rid him of colitis, the NBA Draft picked four University of Kentucky and John Calipari players Brandon Knight, Enes Kanter, Josh Harrellson, and DeAndre Liggins to continue their basketball careers, I took a trip through the flat lands of Missouri that were flooded in May and surprisingly a great portion has been planted, and we have finally finished our home improvement project.

Tomorrow marks the first day of the third quarter and the beginning of my birthday month.  I’ll be celebrating the last year of my 20’s with an initial trip to Tybee Island for a little rest and relaxation!  Half a year has come and gone by and I am looking forward to finishing up 2011 with as great a second half as the first.